Topic Name Description
File Plano de Ensino
File Resolução - Do Rendimento Escolar
File Portaria 4.059
File Lista Frequência
File Grammar Lab Folder
Topic 1 - NOURISHMENT Page Nourish - Definition
File Types of Sentences
File Compound Sentences
URL Compound Sentences and Independent Clauses
File Coordinating Conjunctions
URL Transition Words
URL Video Explaining Compound Sentences
Page Checking Punctuation
File Avoiding Run-on-Sentences
URL Conjunctions
Page Compound Sentences - Videos
Page Answers to Activities
Page Instructions on the answers to activities
Digital Stories Page Digital Storytelling in Brazil
URL CoMundo
File On Art
File On Movies
File On Literature
URL On Becoming a Teacher
Page Examples by former students
URL Examples from University of Houston
Page Instructions for developing DSs
File Example of Script - teacher
File Example of Script - Art
File Example of Storyboard - Teacher
File Examle of Storyboard - School