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Opening Class - reflecting about essay writing Arquivo Course plan
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Arquivo Essay for evaluation

This is the essay I handed in in print to some of you yesterday.

I would like the ones who got the printed version to bring it to class on Friday, please (since I'm counting on them to do an activity).

The ones who weren't in class can print the text also (if they wish), but the main thing is to have a look at this text with the objective of assessing its comformity to what is expected from an academic essay.


Arquivo Essay assessment

This is the assessment made for that essay - the bad one - we read for last class.

Paragraph writing Arquivo Features of a good paragraph

PPT used in class

Arquivo What is a paragraph

extra material about paragraph writing (not used in class).

Useful files for the academic life - reading and writing Arquivo Skimming and scanning
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Arquivo Articles in English
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PCC - análise de testes de proficiência Arquivo Instructions for PCC
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