• Inglês Escrito IV

    • Opening Class - reflecting about essay writing

      •  Course plan Arquivo 63Kb Documento Word
      •  Cartoons Arquivo 1Mb Apresentação Powerpoint 2007
      •  Essay for evaluation Arquivo 13.3Kb Documento do Word 2007
      •  Essay assessment Arquivo 38Kb Apresentação Powerpoint
    • Paragraph writing

      •  Features of a good paragraph Arquivo 128.2Kb Apresentação Powerpoint 2007
      •  What is a paragraph Arquivo 95.7Kb Apresentação Powerpoint 2007
    • Useful files for the academic life - reading and writing

      I'll post here some of the files I use in class and that may be helpful to help you either read or write (or both!) in the academic world.

      I hope you make good use of it.

    • Essay writing

      In this space I'll post our essay assignments

    • PCC - análise de testes de proficiência

      Here you'll find the PCC assignment as well as instructions for its written an oral parts.

      In addition to that, one of the books from the bibliography can also be found here.

      •  Instructions for PCC Arquivo 37.8Kb Documento do Word 2007
    • Make up exam -end of term [Recuperação]