# 1 - special dishes on special days




Suppose you have been asked to write about special dishes eaten on special days in your region (or country) to publish in a special food newsletter such as this or this, whose audiences are cooks and food lovers. You are expected to write, individually, a short text describing a dish eaten for a special occasion, illustrated with images. You may follow the questions presented in the book (p.15 talks about special dishes eaten on special days) referring to:

- name

- region 

- special celebration

- preparation

- ingridients

- eating suggestions



Take a look at an example below:


Dishes on special occasions

This recipe comes from a long tradition in my family. It has come from generation to generation until nowadays. We call: Homemade biscuits or wafer. In Portugues we call Bolacha, and when it is made for the whole family it became even more delicious!

A medium recipe includes: 6 eggs, 2 glasses (about 200g. each) of sugar, 200g of butter, 2 glasses of sour starch and a soup spoon of baking powder.You have to mix all these ingredients together in a bowl and then leave it in a table for some minutes, about 15-20min. because the tradition says the dough has to rest. after this time tou have to roll the dough adding wheat flour until it gets a little tough. Now you can roll it and cut in the shape you like or use the traditional machine. Distribute them in a cake tin greased with oil or other thing that can go to the oven.

To make them more beautiful you may decorate the biscuits (after cooked and cold) with mixed egg white and sugar. After that you can sprinkle some colored sugar and you should let it become dry.

We used to make this snack for Christmas as a way to make the family stay together and do something together. But nowadays my family does the biscuits almost every month.

A suggestion is to eat the biscuits with a cup of coffe or hot cholate, that is usually my choice.