2. Writing a script for your story




You must write a script for your Digital Story and send to the teacher here. Click here for an example of the story "I want to be a teacher". 



For assistance on that, you may read the page Write a Script, from Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling, Laboratory of Innovative Technology in Education, College of Education, University of Houston, USA, by clicking here. You can find, below, an extract from the page:


The script for an educational digital story is one of the most important components that students will create. We stress to our students and workshop participants that a good digital story must first be a good story and that no matter how much expertise a student has with technology, a poorly written story will not be improved by fancy transitions and other digital effects.


Scriptwriting can be difficult for many students and is certainly more work and less fun than some of the other tasks associated with creating a digital story, like searching for images or adding music. However, digital storytellers at all levels should understand that a well thought out, well written script is an absolute requirement for a good digital story and we require our students to begin writing the script for their story before they begin work on creating the digital story. The script should stand on its own merits, even if there are no visuals, narration, music, animations, or other components that will eventually add interest to the digital version.