# 1 Class Presentation - Sept 18th



Suppose you are going to give classes on text structure, more specifically essay structure. Your assignment is to prepare a presentation as if you were going to use it for the class. It  may be prepared in slide (ppt or other) or in video presentation (small file). 


For the preparation of the presentation, use all the knowledge you have developed for essays. Study the 06 presentations prepared by former students, available here or at the bottom. You may want to refresh your memory concerning the parts of an essay by clicking here and here.


For the selection of an essay as the source for the presentation, you may find on the internet, or you may find a few essays clicking here(you may edit them if you want).


Remember to make explicit reference to introductions (thesis statement), paragraphs (topic sentences), and conclusions. Grading will be based on that. Use this checklist here to help remember.



Send the file to the teacher here. The file name should be your name and the word class, as in the example: mariaclass. 


Prof. Celso