Assign#3 - first steps - Oct 16th



In a Cause Essay or Effect essay, the objective is to show the reader the causes, the reason for some phenomenon, or the effects, the consequences of the phenomenon. The essay should show your position, that is, the results of your careful examination and research. For the first steps for the assignment, read to the end.


Steps to follow

- The first step is to choose and understand the topic. Take a look at these topics linked on the main page as suggestions. Choose yours.

- Once the topic is chosen, you must do research on it. Browse the Internet for credible information. 

- Based on the research, consider the facts presented.

- Decide whether you are going to write about the causes or the effects, or both (this not recommended).

- After that, write an ouline of the essay.


To understand what an outline is, check:

- this video How to Create an Outline (here), interesting but only talks about ouline of paragraphs


An outline is presented below:





After doing all this, send to the teacher:

  • The topic chosen.
  • The credible sources and references.
  • The ouline of your essay.


Remember to:

- ensure that your viewpoints have credibility by sticking to the facts when presenting information.

- look at the example essays (on the main page) which were adapted for this course.

- write a statement, not a question, for the thesis statement.