Assign#3 - first version - Oct 23rd




You will be writing either a Cause or an Effect Essay. A Cause-Effect Essay encourages the development of critical thinking by examining causes and consequences of phenomena in general, which demands profound research. That requires you to look at debate establishing cause-effect relationships of a given topic. Medical research provides a good example since it seeks to understand the causes of infections, for example and/or the effects of using certain drugs to fight deseases. 


Your essay should be either on the causes or on the effects. You have already written an outline for it. Since this is a follow-up activity, use the outline. The essay will follow the structure worked on in the course. 



The introduction should follow the pattern, with a hook and thesis statement*. Here is an example of thesis statement:



There are actually three main reasons for divorce: financial problems, lack of compatibility, and lack of communication.

[examples based on here]


[negative effects]

There are many usually negative effects of divorce: loss of some friendships, difficulty adapting to change, feelings of Guilt, loss of interest in social activity


[positive effects]

There are many usually positive effects of divorce: compromise is reduced, friendships may grow, time to yourself is increased.

[examples based on here]


the thesis statement answers your (unstated, implicit) research question and acts as your essay’s main claim; since it is not logical to answer a question with a question, it has to be a declaration, as the word “statement” implies. 



The main body usually consists of at least three paragraphs. Each of the three paragraphs will deal with one topic, either one cause or one effect, and bring evidence of that.


The final paragraph should repeat either the three causes or the three effects. It may end with a) a personal opinion; b) something to consider; c) a quotation or rhetorical question.



Paragraphs are linked with the use of transitions (see below).


Note 1: Do not include opinion words (I believe, I think, etc) in any part of the essay.

Note 2: This is your first version for feedback for the final version.

Note 3: For this essay, you must use external sources and include as in-text citation and reference list. Although academia works mostly with traditional publications, you are allowed to use webpages, as long as they can be considered credible sources.



Remember to:

- look at the example essays (on the main page) made available for this course.

- proceed to the revision phase of your text before turning in by using this checklist (on the main page). This is an important phase, since the essay will be marked down in case the aspects mentioned are not taken into consideration.

- send the file with your name + assign3first. Example: celsoassign3first.doc 

For linking words and phrases, visit the page here. Some are below:

 due to, since. Because, if…then, consequently, as a result, therefore, so, thus

For a review on Cause-Effect Essay, you might see this video