Reflecting Effects of Isolation - Oct 13th - Mandat.



Reflecting on causes and effects involves careful analysis, with its supporting evidence. Suppose you were taking a test which required writing about the effects/impacts of social isolation. As the sources, you could access 4 website: 


How Social Isolation Affects the Brain


The risks of social isolation 


Health Effects of Social Isolation and Loneliness


The Impact of Social Isolation and Loneliness


First, skim over the 4 websites. How can we make sure they are credible sources? Post your answers here.


Second, scan the 4 websites to find specific information, in order to write 1 impact mentioned by each one of the websites. You will have 4 topics. Write 4 topic sentences, such as 'One impact of social isolation is XXXXXXX'.


Then, for each topic sentence, provide supporting evidence, given in the websites. Link the source as in-text citations to each supporting evidence. Also include a small reference list. 


For the supporting evidence for each topic sentence, use in-text citation, using the example from the Unit on Referencing (click here). For the reference list, use APA for websites (click here). Also, check the information below.



You may use websites for this assignment. However, academia requires mostly scholarly publication. For information, check the videos below.


Scholarly and Popular Sources (suggestion by Leticia) here


Finding online sources for your research paper here


Finding Scholarly Resources for Research Papers here