Reflecting on language acquisition - Nov 13rd



Reflecting on comparison and contrast involves careful analysis of the points involved. Take a look at the excerpt below (taken from here ). 


Generally, it is said that children are better learners than adults. When considering second language acquisition, a child introduced to a second language at the same time as an adult will, in almost every case, acquire a much better pronunciation. Young learners will also do better when it comes to grammar skills and fluency (Lightbrown, Spada, 60). [...] A number of observations have shown that young learners seem to pick up another language quickly, without having been taught formal rules, but adults need to be taught rules and principles deductively. According to Steinberg (2006), children under seven years display a phenomenal ability at rote memorization. Adults, however, do not. Adults apply their cognitive abilities to the analysis of the syntactic rules of the second language, while young learners rely more heavily on their use of rote memory for language learning. Adults are eager to learn syntactic analysis sooner because they realize that they have difficulty in remembering all the sentences that they have heard. 



Now, browse the internet for information on young versus adult L2 learners (you may look at the ones linked below). After that, write 2 paragraphs comparing/contrasting young X adult  L2 learners. Each paragraph should focus on only one point, for example: motivation, autonomy, critical period, language ego, pronunctiation, memorization, etc. 


You should add topic sentences, such as 'one similarity/difference between young and adult learners concerns xxxxxx'. Then, for each topic sentence, provide supporting evidence, given in the websites. Link the source as in-text citations to each supporting evidence. Also include a reference list. 


6 Differences Between Teaching Adults and Young Learners (here)

Differences between teaching EFL to Young Learners and Adults (here)

Second Language Acquisition - Differences between child and adult learning (here)

A Study of Age Influence in L2 Acquisition (here)


For the supporting evidence for each topic sentence, use in-text citation, using the example from the Unit on Referencing (click here). For the reference list, use APA for websites (click here). Also, check the information below.



You may use websites for this assignment. However, academia requires mostly scholarly publication. For information, check the videos below.


Scholarly and Popular Sources (suggestion by Leticia) here


Finding online sources for your research paper here


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