Assign#4c - final version - Dec 14th



This assignment started with the instructions for the first steps (here), with a few choices to be made and the outline, for which feedback wass to be given. One choice made concerns the mode: Comparison and Contrast Essay; or  b) Contrast Essay. Then, there was the choice of a topic related to the Letras Inglês, due to the fact this is to be validated as PCC.


After all that, a first version was written, submitted and feedback was given (feedback here). Considering the feedback, write your Final Version. Do your best for this one because it weigh 40% of the final grade.


Remember to:

- ensure that your viewpoints have credibility by sticking to the facts when presenting information.

- use external credible sources to support your claims in terms of in-text citations and a reference list (this is mandatory).

- do not include opinion words (I believe, I think, etc) in any part of the essay.

- look at the example essays (on the main page) which were adapted for this course.

- write a statement, not a question, for the thesis statement.

send the file with your name + assign4final. Example: celsoassign4final.doc