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Homework for August, 28th (Friday)

Imagem de Donesca Cristina Puntel Xhafaj
Homework for August, 28th (Friday)
por Donesca Cristina Puntel Xhafaj - Monday, 24 Aug 2015, 15:54


So, since many of you mentioned that one of the main problems with essays is that many times we are forced to write about things that don't interest us, in this first essay the subject is free.

You can write about anything you want, ok?

This essay should be typed into a word file (Times New Roman, 12- 1,5 spacing, justified) and should contain between 400 and 600 words.

I’ll open a task on Moodle where you can upload this file up until Friday, 28th, 11:55 PM.


Some potentially useful links for you at the moment are:







If you have any questions, just let me know J