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EXTRA! EXTRA! No class on Friday (again)

Imagem de Donesca Cristina Puntel Xhafaj
EXTRA! EXTRA! No class on Friday (again)
por Donesca Cristina Puntel Xhafaj - Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015, 15:27


I completely forgot to tell you beforehand that this Friday I'm going to Chapecó, where I'll give a minicurso on "Ensino da Escrita em LE" in the Graduate program at Unochapecó.

So, since we can have up to 25% of our course through moodle, I'll post some activities for you to do there (i mean, here!), so that we don't need to have this class presentially later on. The same thing will probably happen in November, when I go to São Paulo for a conference. 

As soon as I have the activities for you here, I'll let you now (I cannot guarantee they'll be here by Friday... but they will be here eventually sorriso)