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IMPORTANT - about tomorrow's (Friday, October, 16th) class

Imagem de Donesca Cristina Puntel Xhafaj
IMPORTANT - about tomorrow's (Friday, October, 16th) class
por Donesca Cristina Puntel Xhafaj - Thursday, 15 Oct 2015, 17:07


tomorrow I'm part of a comittee in in a master's thesis defence. It starts at 2:00, so I'm guessing I'll be ready by 4:20.

however, I don't have the control over what the other members will ask or how long the candidate will have to answer the questions... It might take longer.

Nevertheless, we're having our class, of course.

What I want you to do, then, in case I'm late, is for you to start working on your own. go to p.92 of our book - North Start and do activities 1, 2, 3, and 4. they are about the text "Silent Spring" and they are part of your preparation to write a cause and effect essay.

when i get back, we can go straight for the correction, ok?


See you all tomorrow!