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Tueday's class - October, 20th

Imagem de Donesca Cristina Puntel Xhafaj
Tueday's class - October, 20th
por Donesca Cristina Puntel Xhafaj - Sunday, 18 Oct 2015, 19:39


just to let you know that next class, Tuesday, André (a doctoral candidate at PPGI - UFSC) will be subbing for me.

The reason for that is that on Tuesday and Wednesday (this week only) I'll be applying the CELPE-Bras exam (a Portuguese proficiency exam for speakers of Portuguese as a foreign language) during the morning and afternoon. I didn't say anything before because I thought I had dismissed you on Tuesday due to SEPEX.

Anyway, I thought it was important to confirme that we will have a class, but that somebody else will be teaching it.

Please don't give André a hard time sorriso

Any doubts, questions, complaints, talk to me, please