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Some more info about the PCC

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Some more info about the PCC
por Donesca Cristina Puntel Xhafaj - Wednesday, 18 Nov 2015, 16:40


This presentation should be made by the whole group and each of the group's components should speak for roughly the same amount of time.

Even though the presentation is made in English, I will not be evaluating your English proficiency at this point. My interest is in evaluating the way you present the data you collected.

Each presentation should last approximately 15 min.

At the end of each of the presentations, the group can point out one (or more) aspect(s) of the exam that caught their attention.

You should also bring some examples of questions (both for reading and for writing) to show your colleagues. My suggestion is that you copy these sample questions to a word file and make about 15 copies for the whole group to have access to it.


WRITTEN PAPER (due on 04/12/2015):

  • The paper should be a report of your findings in relation to the exam you analyzed. In the same way you did in the oral presentation, you should end the paper with one (or more) aspect(s) of the exam that caught your attention.
  • The whole group should hand in ONE paper (i.e., it's not an individual report).
  • As regards format, you should use Times New Roman 12, 1 1/2 spacing between lines.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of papes for this anaylys. Write as much as you think it is necessary for you to describe the exam and reflect about it.
  • The paper should have 3 sections: Describing the exam, analysing it, and conclusion.


If you have any questions, talk to me!

P.S.: remember that I'll be in our usual classroom, at our usual time, on Tuesday and Friday next week in case you want to come to talk to me about the PCC.

Good work!