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Feedback for Cause-Effect Essay - first version

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Feedback for Cause-Effect Essay - first version
by Celso Henrique Soufen Tumolo - Tuesday, 3 November 2020, 10:14 AM




I have just sent the feedback for assignment 3 - Cause-Effect Essay.


As in the case of the first version of the pro-con essay, most of you will have to do some adjustments, some major, some minor. I shall stress, again, that my feedback is mostly based on the ideas presented in the course, related to the structure of essays, specifically to thesis statement, topic sentences, thesis restatement, and, in this case, also to referencing (in-text citation and refrence list).


Remember that the deadline for the final version is November 6th. In case more time is necessary, let me know.


In case of doubts, please, send a message to me, so that an appointment can be made.


Prof. Celso