Listening Activity Forum

Listening Activity Forum
Thursday, 14 January 2021, 5:12 PM




This forum is to discuss the activities provided in the chapter on listening by Stanley. Take a look at all the activities proposed. 


1) what do you think of them?

2) which one would you use in your classes? why?

3) how would you improve it for better results?


Take a look at contributions by other students:


It is an undeniable truth that there are a lot more facilities, options, and opportunities for leaners to practice the listening skill with the advent of the internet, therefore, as Stanley (2013) states, it started to get more interesting as well.
Other´s people interest (5.2) is an activity that I found very interesting. First, due to the fact there is an intercultural approach. Liddicoat and Scarino (2013) seem cautious of the danger of generalizations when it comes to the stereotyped idea of national culture, such as Brazilian, Canadian, and so on. On the other hand, I believe that it is important to show leaners some people from different countries talking about their interests, but also it´s the teachers´ role to talk (at least briefly) about generalizations and stereotypes, for instance. The idea of listening to non-native speakers is also very important, since every now and then we interact more with them than with native speakers, even in English-speaking countries.
Search the tube (5.3) and reordered video story (5.4) are activities that I really liked as well. There are several options of videos for educational purposes available online. According to Tumolo (2017), as an educational aid, the videos will support teachers in their classes, since the learner may access the information presented whenever he/she wants and following his/her pace of learning. Still, when it comes to multimedia learning, Mayer (2001) states that learners can better understand an explanation when it is presented in words and pictures than when it is presented in words alone.
Recording poetry (5.7) seems to be an appealing activity for learners. Online classroom guest (5.8) is also a very nice activity, mainly because I think learners will love that, since they are meeting a different person and will be able to ask questions regarding the culture/background, etc. I also found very interesting “Recorded stories (5.9)”, it fosters leaners´ creativity as well as offers them the chance to listen to themselves.
Overall, this chapter provides great activities!


I really like the activities 5.1 and 5.2, suggested by Stanley (2013). I’ve already done activity 5.8 and I recommend. A friend who is a native English speaker spoke to my students through Skype and it was remarkable to them. She also records voice messages which are related to what my students are learning and sends me by WhatsApp and we play them in class. It's very nice.

Picture of Fernanda da Costa Alves (202001313)
Re: Listening Activity Forum
by Fernanda da Costa Alves (202001313) - Saturday, 20 March 2021, 7:00 PM

Hello smile

As in the previous chapters, I enjoyed the activities proposed by Stanley. One of the activities I liked regarding listening was the 5.8 - Interview bingo. I liked it because it comes from the interest of the students (they choose the artist), it uses authentic real-life input (an interview on Youtube), and it is a game (which usually motivates students)!

In order to improve this activity, thinking about the level we would work with, I believe that if it was beginners the teacher her/himself could prepare the bingo beforehand, instead of asking the students for words. Perhaps the teacher could even practice a little bit the pronunciation of these words before they begin the game. Also, instead of watching an interview, the students could listen to a song.  

Picture of Tatiana Köerich Rondon (202000714)
Re: Listening Activity Forum
by Tatiana Köerich Rondon (202000714) - Saturday, 20 March 2021, 7:57 PM

Hello, again! wink

I believe most of the activities proposed by Stanley (2013) to work on listening are well-thought-out. I liked activity 5.1 Guess what I’m talking about because it is a game, and it can be used with all levels. Also, it requires little preparation if you make a few changes. For instance, you could make only one recording as an example and ask students to record their audios to play in small groups. I also liked activity 5.4 Reordered video story, and I would use it with the videos from the British Council website. I would use activity 5.8 Online classroom guest following the same procedures. I think that students would feel motivated to use English for authentic communication. Finally, in activity 5.10 Voice-recorder dictation, I would remove a few words from the texts so that, when listening, students would have to complete the text.

Picture of Daniele Perezin Mizuta (202004424)
Re: Listening Activity Forum
by Daniele Perezin Mizuta (202004424) - Sunday, 21 March 2021, 4:34 PM

I found Stanley’s (2013) proposed listening activities interesting overall, some easier to be implemented than others. My favorite ones were: 5.1 Guess what I’m talking about, 5.6 Guided Tours and 5.8 Online classroom guest.

-5.1 is easily adapted to any levels and requires little preparation, as Tatiana said above. Also, we can use a wide range of audio and video files, adapting the activities to the desired topic and student level.

-5.6 guided tours gives students the possibility to practice their listening skills as well as cultural awareness. There are several videos and Youtube channels with interesting travel content that can be used for language learning purposes.

-5.8 online classroom guest would be a memorable opportunity for learners to interact with a foreigner and practice their listening and speaking skills in a real conversation. However, I would not conduct this activity without talking to students first, as I would be concerned to create an uncomfortable situation in which they get too shy to talk. I would tell them beforehand to prepare a few questions for the interview to happen smoothly.  


Picture of Janaina Fernanda de Almeida (202001525)
Re: Listening Activity Forum
by Janaina Fernanda de Almeida (202001525) - Monday, 22 March 2021, 11:21 AM

Good morning! 

Stanley (2013) proposes very creative ways to vary the purposes of listening activities, encompassing other objectives rather than bare comprehension. Nevertheless, many activities seem to require a great time for preparation (e.g., activities 5.5 and 5.13), and some of them also require external volunteers to produce audio files (e.g., 5.8 and 5.12). Therefore, I do not think that all the ideas can be easily applied in our teaching context. Still, they provide other perspectives for teaching listening skills, such as the need to make learners listen and reflect on their use of the language and motivate them to practice listening outside the class.

My favorite activities were Interview Bingo (5.11) and Reordered Video Story (5.4), which seem to be very engaging and fun activities, differing from the traditional ones to work with listening skills.

Picture of Thaisy da Silva Martins (202001387)
Re: Listening Activity Forum
by Thaisy da Silva Martins (202001387) - Wednesday, 24 March 2021, 4:50 PM

I would like to use activity 5.3 Search the tube to explore with the students the possibilities of using YouTube to learn English. It would be interesting to hear from them how they make use of these technologies to practice English, such as watching TV shows and movies with subtitles or watching funny videos online. Besides, it would be nice to ask them to search and select one video they consider good to learn English and present to the class. 

Picture of Flávia Roberta Felippi Rucki (201905682)
Re: Listening Activity Forum
by Flávia Roberta Felippi Rucki (201905682) - Wednesday, 31 March 2021, 4:24 PM

Hello, everyone!   

Concerning the listening activities presented in class and the ones mentioned in Stanley’s book, my favorite is 5.1 “ Guess what I’m talking about”. It is very simple to use, funny and engaging. Another great activity is  5.8 “ Online Classroom guest” . I usually do this activity with my students and it is always a nice surprise. Students feel proud of themselves when they realize they can understand and language learning happens through social practice which is also our main teaching goal! smile     

Picture of William Gottardi (202003499)
Re: Listening Activity Forum
by William Gottardi (202003499) - Wednesday, 31 March 2021, 4:44 PM

Hi there,

I really liked the author's suggestions and I will definitely use some of them. Activity 5.10 (Voice-recorder Dictation) is a great suggestion for developing learner's listening skills as well as speaking and writing. Furthermore, the activities that use videos are very interesting mainly because they can be easily personalized and can be fun. A suitable example is the activity suggested by Tatiana, using lyrics training. You can use the website not only for songs but also for video clips and movie trailers! I would add as a suggestion the use of Text-to-speech tools. Microsoft Edge, for instance, offers the possibility to control the pace of the reading which can be used for adapting the activity according to the learner's levels.

Picture of Celso José de Lima Junior (202001592)
Re: Listening Activity Forum
by Celso José de Lima Junior (202001592) - Wednesday, 31 March 2021, 7:55 PM


The Interview bingo (5.11) is easy to adapt to different contexts and different levels. This activity works well with the whole group. It’s also a good idea to use with beginners. smile

Picture of Rayla Rocha dos Santos (202001012)
Re: Listening Activity Forum
by Rayla Rocha dos Santos (202001012) - Thursday, 1 April 2021, 6:52 AM

The activity that I would choose is “Talk- radio listening” because students can guess what is going to be discussed, in which it is a form of  “pre-task”, and the students would be asked to write or speak what exactly was said. To improve this activity, I would propose a podcast for them to watch (podcast with video I think can be better for beginners due to visual clues), or a podcast to listen to (if students are more advanced).

Picture of Andreia Dalla Costa (201901088)
Re: Listening Activity Forum
by Andreia Dalla Costa (201901088) - Tuesday, 6 April 2021, 5:09 PM

The activity I chose from the Stanley (2013) is 5.11 Interview bingo. I think this activity is really nice and it can be done with students from all levels. From the procedures the author presents, I would just consider that it is important that the teacher searches for and chooses the audio/video file beforehand so as to minimize the possible difficulties students might face and as a way to have a more guided and controlled use of language. 

Picture of Pierre Silva Machado (202004425)
Re: Listening Activity Forum
by Pierre Silva Machado (202004425) - Wednesday, 7 April 2021, 6:26 PM

From all the activities in Stanley's text, I liked Guess what I'm talking about (5.1) the most, because it really translates what a listening activity should initially bring to our students: inference ability and gist comprehension. Most of us have already felt frustrated when we cannot listen to every single word someone is saying in an audio or in a song. When students understand the importance of knowing how to deal with listening in the sense of getting the general context, they may feel more confident to practice this skill everyday by listening to songs in the target language and watching their favorite series in English. 

Picture of Mauricio de Bortolli Lattmann (202004435)
Re: Listening Activity Forum
by Mauricio de Bortolli Lattmann (202004435) - Friday, 9 April 2021, 11:58 AM

From the Listening activities suggested by Stanley (2013), the ones I liked the most were:

5.4 Reordered video story, where students are supposed to listen to a story but with the screen turned off, so that, they would have to guess what the story is about just by listening to it and not watching it. Since sometimes having a visual input might help students guess what a certain story is about, this activity relies on students having to depend only on their listening skills to understand what the story is talking about. I thought it was a quite interesting idea for students to use technology to improve their listening skills. I would also suggest them to work in pairs, where each student should choose a video for their friend to interpret it.

5.6 Guided tours, it is an activity where students are supposed to enter an audio-guide website to listen to previously recorded information from specific touristic attractions around the world, checking if what they hear is what they thought the speaker would say about each attraction. Since traveling and sightseeing are topics most students enjoy, I think learners would enjoy doing this activity.

5.8 Online classroom guest, I would say this activity is the one I liked the most, it involves having an international guest, maybe a native speaker, to participate in one class via Skype or another video conference platform, where students are supposed to ask this person random questions so that they can get more information about the interviewee. I think students would be really excited to be part of this activity, also being interested in asking this person questions and getting his/her answers. This activity also promotes students understanding different accents, since the interviewee might be from any part of the world.