Digital Storytelling in Brazil





In Brazil, we have had some projects involving the development of Digital Stories. One of them, in mid 2000s, was part of a movement called 'One Million Life Stories of Youth', with the slogan “one story is a story, a million stories are a movement” and a political perspective of creating stories to give “human face to the numerous problems, challenges, and aspirations of the nation’s youth, [enhancing] the potential for meaningful participation and inclusion in the reconstruction and building of the nation” (CLARKE, 2009, p. 145)


The other, more recent, was called Dialogos Interculturais do Brasil, as shown below. Click on the links after the image to see some of the beautiful stories created.








Redução da maioridade penal. Reduction of the legal age

Meu Quilombo. My Quilombo/Maroon Community. Por Bruna Picanço

Austríacos no Brasil

Juventude Rural. Por Aliçe Silva / Jongeren van het platteland

Rio Limpo Conscientizar para Preservar, por Larissa de Paula Souza

Agroecologia. Por Graciely Oliveiro Bezerra

Mulheres do Semiárido

Meio Ambiente e Produçao Sustentável. Por Daniel Santana

Sem a água não somos nada

Mobilidade urbana

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