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In this unit, you will learn about the writing process, specifically about the structure of academic texts, essays in particular. You will have some material available to read and study as instructed. To follow and complete the unit, you must:


1) take a look at What is an Essay here.


2) take a look at a general idea on Essay Structure

a) read here (you may also read here)

b) check out this simple presentation here (ppt) or here (pps)

c) watch the video here

d) take a look at this audio presentation here


2) take a look at introductions

a) watch here

b) watch here 


3) take a look at paragraph development

a) read here

b) watch here


4) take a look at conclusions

a) read here

b) watch here


5) take a look at transitions

a) watch here


6) participate in the forum, as instructed in each one


7) Elaborate a presentation on Essay Structure for grading.

Assignment #1 


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