2. Reasons for citation of sources


Referencing is very important for your academic work, to give it credibility. Citing credible external sources has the following main reasons: 

    • showing the amount of research you have done.
    • strengthening your work by lending outside support to your ideas.
    • giving proper credit to the original author or creator.
    • demonstrating the accuracy and reliability of your information.
    • enabling a reader to locate the sources you cited.
    • avoiding plagiarism.

(adapted from https://libguides.reynolds.edu/cite)


There are many styles for citations. For the Letras Inglês, it is usually used the APA for language studies and MLA for literature studies. Our course focuses a little on APA. Alternatively, ABNT can be used. 


Watch the video on citation below, entitled Citation: A brief introduction below.



You may also see this other video on citation, entitled Citation Basics: Why Cite?




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