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This unit helps the writer to understand the use of references (to expert knowledge) in the academic text in a way to provide it with credibility, using citations and avoiding plagiarism.


Academic texts resemble, in some ways, documentary videos. When we see a documentary video (eg. Globo Repoter, BBC videos), we notice that there is always the main reporter talking to the audience, explaining the main subject. Many times, the reporter resorts to expert knowledge for strength and credibility. He/She fills in the documentary with interviews with researchers who are the experts in the area. Academic texts are like that, and their authors always resort to credible external sources for strength and credibility. 


To complete this Unit, you must:

1. read all the Content Pages in which you will find many videos explaining the basics of referencing;

2. participate in all the Forums, by reading each one's instructions and responding to them with posts.


Although this Unit has no activity for grading, it will provide the understanding for references and citations to be included in your assignments.



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