Pro-Con Topics



You can see below a list of suggested topics to choose from. Topics not listed can also be chosen.


Pros and Cons of:

    • Having and using computers.
    • Having young parents
    • Being married
    • Using social media
    • Working part-time after school
    • Writing essays
    • Returning to school as an adult
    • Living in a small town or a big city
    • Living in a small country
    • Living in the countryside
    • Working on a rotational basis
    • Working remotely
    • Working in an office
    • Working with technology
    • Working with people
    • Working with animals
    • Working with children
    • Making your hobby into a job
    • Changing jobs
    • Quitting a job
    • Being fired
    • Working in a multilingual setting
    • Having a job that requires a lot of traveling
    • Choosing to pursue a creative profession
    • Hiring younger employees
    • Working for the government
    • Owning a business
    • Owning a car
    • Using public transportation
    • Being self-employed
    • Working for somebody else
    • Knowing or learning multiple languages



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